Can the actors touch me?
No, actors are not permitted to touch you, just scare you to death.

Does District of the Dead accept credit or debit cards?
Cash, Debit and Credit cards are accepted at our ticket booth.

Are you open if it rains/snows?
Yes. Our new Canalside location is outdoors, but the event and all haunted houses are INDOORS under a covered tent structure.

Can I wear a costume?
No, costumes, masks, and Halloween makeup are not permitted. We wouldn't want to confuse you with our staff!

Are children welcome to the attraction?
Yes, all ages are welcome, but it is encouraged that children under the age of 12 be accompanied by an adult due to the high shock factor and special effects used.

Are there public restrooms?

Is photography or video recording allowed?
NO. At no time will cameras or video recorders be permitted. Cell phones should be turned OFF or “silent” mode prior to entering the attraction. Be courteous. You wouldn't want someone else spoiling your good time.

Is parking free?
Parking is available at all surrounding lots. Some lots are free while others are minimal parking fees. Please refer to our Dates/Times page for further details.

Are there security staff members at the event?
Yes, we have off-duty police officers on staff each night the attraction is open.

Are there food and drinks available at the attraction?
Yes, pizza, popcorn, pop, hot cider, and water will all be available for purchase.

Can I keep my ticket?
Yes. It proved you made it through District of the Dead alive, and they make a great souvenir!